Wonder Woman Solicitations – November 2011

DC just released their official solicitations for November 2011. Let’s take a look at Wonder Woman related items!

New 52 Justice League #03 - Cover by Jim Lee

New 52 Justice League #03 – Cover by Jim Lee

From the solicit text: “The superstar team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee continue to make history as they unleash the amazing Amazon, Wonder Woman, who joins the battle against a bizarre threat! And the not-yet World’s Greatest Heroes need all the help they can get!”

Aside from the fact that we see Wonder Woman on the cover of issue one, it seems from this text that she doesn’t actually appear until issue three. Hmmm…

Judging solely from the solicitations, issue one seems focused on Batman. Issue two seems focused on Superman. Issue three seems focused on Wonder Woman. Yet in the preview for issue one that DC has circulating, we see Green Lantern. Geoff Johns has said in the past that he doesn’t think Wonder Woman really belongs in DC’s Trinity, and feels that Green Lantern is more appropriate for the third spot (with Batman and Superman). I’m interested to see how he handles the Justice League when starting mostly from the beginning.

Wonder Woman v4 issue 03 - Cover by Cliff Chiang

Wonder Woman v4 issue 03 – Cover by Cliff Chiang

I’m still not crazy about the outfit, but I honestly really like this cover. And her hair seems shorter, which is pretty cool. I’m excited to see how she is introduced into the JLA, so I am really looking forward to this particular issue.

Solicit Text: Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons, has kept a secret from her daughter all her life – and when it’s revealed, Wonder Woman’s life will shatter like brittle clay. The only one more shocked than Diana by this revelation? Bloodthirsty Hera herself – so why is her sinister daughter, Strife, so eager for the truth to be told?

Interesting. Cliff Chiang’s art aside (which I love), I’m not crazy about the cover. It just feels very….dull. If I were not a Wonder Woman fan, this cover would not draw my attention. Still, I’m sure the interior art will be fantastic, and I’m hoping the writing is excellent. Brian Azzarello can be pretty hit-or-miss when it comes to super hero comics.

Justice League Heroes and Foes

Justice League Heroes and Foes

DC also solicited a new line of action figures, called DC: Heroes and Foes. The first line features a Wonder Woman figure that I will certainly buy. It’s interesting though. In the image, she’s wearing pants (a la The Odyssey story arc), but she’s wearing a more Dodson-esque top. Not quite the top she had in Odyssey. Still, it’s a great looking figure.

The only other Wonder Woman related item solicited was Showcase Presents: Wonder Woman #04 (collecting issues #157-177 of volume 01 of Wonder Woman in a cheap, black and white format). I’d be a lot more excited about this if it were in color, but I know a lot of people love the Showcase books. They’re cheap, and usually the only way to read stories from those time periods.

Hopefully next month we’ll get a solicit for The Odyssey, Volume 02 hardcover. The final issue comes out very soon.


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