CBR Interview with Azzarello and Chiang

Comic Book Resources has an interview with both writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang about their upcoming run on Wonder Woman.

Check out these highlights:

What drew you specifically to “Wonder Woman” as opposed to the other DC characters?

Azzarello: What drove me to Wonder Woman? Because I had a good story I could tell about her — that’s what drives me to any character. I don’t get wrapped up in characters unless I have something to say about them. Cliff and I came up with this mythology and I said, “All right, let’s do it, let’s see if we can pull this off!” I’m not writing this just because it’s Wonder Woman. Here’s the take on this, looking at this character a little bit differently, and I feel it’s going to resonate with fans.

I really like hearing this from writers. Not “I was assigned this job.” Rather “I had a story to tell.” You can definitely tell the writers who are assigned books and just run with it versus writers who truly want to tell stories starting a certain character.

Chiang: I mean the tricky thing with Wonder Woman is that she’s so iconic. If you ask five different people about Wonder Woman you are going to get five different versions of it, and one is a warrior who kicks ass, and one is going to be this compassionate person who prefers negotiating before fighting, etc. Trying to make everybody happy just dilutes the character, so we just have to pick a direction and go with it. As long as we’re coming from a really sincere place with our story and the things we want to do with her the fans will love it and I think they’ll come along for the ride.

This is one thing that has been more obvious to me with Wonder Woman fans over other fandoms. It seems like, for the most part, Wonder Woman fans want her to be this or that. Exactly what they think is best for the character. Exactly the version of the character they liked most. Never growing. Never evolving. That is what makes characters stale and boring. I love Wonder Woman. And there are certainly stories starring her and versions of her that I prefer over others. But Wonder Woman is a character that I love. So no matter what different version is shown, or what changes people make, I’ll read the stories. The important thing is that the stories are great and that she evolves as a character and a person.

Brian, a lot of the work you’ve done before has been realistic with a violent and gritty tone to it. Is that something you’re still keeping with this “Wonder Woman?” Are you making her a little grittier and horror-inspired than before?

Azzarello: Not with her. Definitely the world around her and the Gods, I’m definitely bringing that take to the pantheon. And it’s been a blast getting rid of those damn togas!

People have touched on this in the past, but I’m glad to see Azzarello playing with the Gods’ dark side. He seems to be going away from the Diana’s Friendly Protectors Who Occasionally Ruin Her Life version and more towards Angry Gods. I’m fascinated.

Chiang: …it’s a challenge and a honor to be handling a character like Wonder Woman and being responsible for really polishing up this image and making her a character that will really resonate with people. I feel there are times her costume is better known than the character herself.

This quote from Cliff Chiang was the highlight of the interview for me. I love when people consider it an honor to work on Wonder Woman. Those are the people that tend to do some of my favorite work.

Read the entire interview at Comic Book Resources. It’s a pretty great interview, and there are no spoilers!


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