Newsarama’s Interview with Brian Azzarello

Newsarama posted an interview pertaining to the Wonder Woman series with Brian Azzarello. A lot of the same stuff that we have been hearing in the Coventry Telegraph interview and CBR’s Interview. The most interesting bit for me:

Newsrama: who is Wonder Woman as you start her series? Is she the character we know, the Wonder Woman who is recognizable by the public?

Azzarello: She’s very recognizable in this universe. This isn’t a hard reboot. It’s a soft reboot. Her history’s intact. She’s still an Amazon. She’s still from Paradise Island. She’s tough. She’s prepared. She’s Wonder Woman.

I find it a little disconcerting that I’ve only heard Brian Azzarello refer to Themyscira as Paradise Island. I know Paradise Island is the original name, and that the name Themyscira wasn’t introduced until the 80s reboot. I know that even after the reboot, people still referred to it as Paradise Island. But I am very fond of the name Themyscira. I really hope that it’s still called Themyscira.

Read the entire interview on Newsarama!


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