Opinion: CCI: Will Wonder Woman get any attention? Probably not.

With Comic-Con International on Day 2 right now, I’m mildly curious if there will be any Wonder Woman related news. DC tends to use these panels as a way to share and expand on information they’ve previously released on their own terms. Very rarely are there any announcements of any importance. Even more rarely are there announcements about Wonder Woman.

I’m not expecting this year to be any different. DC considers Wonder Woman one of their “Trinity,” but they’ve never shown her the level of respect I feel she deserves. I’m not saying that I expect huge Wonder Woman specific announcements every year. Simply recognizing her as a character in their universe would be nice. How hard is it to say “On Wonder Woman, Brian Azzarello has some great stuff planned for his third year writing the book. We don’t currently have any plans of re-tooling the book and kicking him off.”

DC doesn’t view Wonder Woman as a priority. She’s further down on the list than a lot of B-List characters. I think that is a huge mistake. The truth is Wonder Woman is never doing as well as they think she should be doing. However, with such wildly different portrayals of Diana between books, and almost no advertising, it’s hard to expect people who are not already reading the book to get interested.

If DC were really smart, they’d launch a second Wonder Woman title, Sensation Comics. Like the 25 Bat-titles or 3 or 4 Superman titles, this book could function to get larger visibility for the Amazing Amazon. Sensation could focus on the more typical superhero fare that many people miss about Wonder Woman, while allowing Brian Azzarello to continue his story uninterrupted in Wonder Woman. It would allow for a Wonder Woman title to be included in crossover events, again without interrupting the main title. This book could have more action, more character development, and more typical comic story arcs. It could introduce more of Diana’s villains (where’s Circe?!) and have her take on The Cheetah (introduced in JLA), as well as introduce more of her secondary cast (we know what happened to the Amazons, but Diana hasn’t even paused for a moment to care).

Having Sensation Comics be a secondary Wonder Woman title would also allow for eventual Wonder Woman-centric event books. Think about it. In the last 25 years, Wonder Woman has been the star of two events, War of the Gods in 1991 and Amazons Attack in 2007. War of the Gods was meant to celebrate Wonder Woman’s 50th Anniversary as a comic character. Instead, DC under-advertised (as they usually do), released books late and out of order, didn’t flag some books as tie-ins when they actually were, and generally caused George Perez to grow tired of putting a lot of effort into a character that DC was just going to crap all over. Amazons Attack, as we all remember, is basically just a huge mess, and perpetuated the stereotype that all the Amazons want to do is murder everything. Beyond that, Diana has been involved in events, but never central to them.

DC considers the crossover/event book formula to be a huge success, as evidenced by their intense need to have an event every 20 minutes. Just since the start of the New 52, Batman has already had two major “events.” Superman has had one. Aquaman has had one. Green Lantern has had two. Teen Titans has had one. Animal Man and Swamp Thing have had a major crossover. Justice League Dark has been involved in a crossover with I, Vampire and the major event Trinity War. I know Wonder Woman is present for Trinity War (and Throne of Atlantis), but she is not a major player in either of these stories. And the version of Diana that Geoff Johns is writing is HORRIBLE, but that’s a post for another day.

I don’t want the main Wonder Woman title to be shoe-horned into an event where she doesn’t belong. I think, for the most part, Azzarello is crafting a strong story in his book. A large part of why he’s able to do that is because he’s being left alone to do it. But if DC really believes these events and crossovers help character and brand visibility, it’s really telling that they don’t even bother attempting to create one for Wonder Woman.

But, as we all know, Wonder Woman is not a priority for DC.

Okay. So this rant came out of nowhere, but since it’s how I feel, I won’t delete it. What do you think?


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