Azzarello at Boston Comic-Con

I’ll be the first to admit that Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman is not my favorite run on Wonder Woman. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the series. I think he’s crafting a fantastic story. And his vision of Wonder Woman is much, MUCH closer to who she really is than any other portrayals of Diana in the New 52. But hearing about this exchange at Boston Comic-Con really improved my general opinion of Azzarello:

From BleedingCool:

Brian Azzarello told Boston that he sees Wonder Woman radically differently to the rest of DC Comics. And her comic is certainly evidence of that. When DiDio asked him how he felt about the whole Wonder Woman/Superman romance in light of the groundwork he was laying with Orion, he responded, “Clearly not the way DC feels about it.”

Absolutely true.

What I find interesting is that the same panel also mentioned that we will be seeing Doomsday and Zod in the Superman/Wonder Woman series. Oh yeah? We’ll be seeing Superman villains? What about a single mention of a single Wonder Woman villain, or secondary character?



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